. Dear followers we need your financial support to continue reporting you the voice of Christians in trouble. [Donate here]

Donate food for Pakistani flood affected people – Christians in Pakistan


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we are delighted to have you in our lives. Your support and concern is greatly appreciated. The way you standby us really gives us strength to carry on.

Keeping it simple, we are here for a donation appeal. Your brothers and sisters who have been fighting flood conditions for a couple of days are in need.


They desperately need all of us. We share the duty to help not only because we are compassionate and sensible humans, but because we are called by Christ’s name.

As the Bible says, share your blessings so that you will be blessed.

Team CIP has decide to “answer the call” by sharing their blessings and are hoping that you will standby us as always. For this purpose CIP is going to visit different areas in Pakistan to feed the flood victims. And for this we need food and water so obviously we are looking forward to your contributions. That could be in the form of water bottles, food items (mainly rice cauldron) or it can be your financial aid.

The details for donation are as…

Donate one rice cauldron (12kg)…price $50 donate
Donate two rice cauldrons (24kg each)…price $100 donate
Donate three rice cauldrons (36kg each)… price $150 donate
Donate four rice cauldrons (48kg each)… price $200 donate
One water bottle croton…price 5$ donate

P.S: One can donate more than two cauldrons according to ones

Waiting for your positive response.
Stay blessed and keep this in your prayers.
Team CIP.