Donate Urdu bible to Pakistani Christian community


There are so many Pakistani Christians who are deprived of having a cope of the Holy Bible of their own. As the Word of God is a must for a Christian, they do not have enough money to buy one for themselves. Even though many Christian organisations distribute free copies of the Holy Bible yet this is not enough because not all of Christian community can be reached.

This is a wide scale project that needs to be undertaken by many so that at least Pakistani Christians should be able to get access to the Word of God. Secondly the price of the Holy Bible version in Urdu is out of budget for poor Christians. Seeing this, we have launched a campaign to raise funds for Bible distribution among such Pakistani Christians who on their own are unable to buy Bible.

We urge all of you whose hearts are stirred by the Lord, to step forward and help us distribute Holy Bibles among poor Christians in Pakistan. One Urdu bible price is 7$ (700Rs).

Christians in Pakistan free bible distribution.