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Downright investigations inevitable before registration of blasphemy case against Non-Muslims says Human Rights Commission chairman


Chairman Human Rights Commission has called for out-and-out investigations before registration of a blasphemy case against Non-Muslims. Justice retired Ali Nawaz Chauhan urged that a reformation in the blasphemy laws must be put into effect so that misuse of the legislation must be thwarted.

Blasphemy cases against Christians in Pakistan

Justice retired Ali Nawaz Chauhan expressed his views in a letter recently, issued in the wake of blasphemy row in Sarai Alamgir. The letter which followed the ruckus in Sarai Alamgir, where a Christian youth Nadeem James was charged of committing blasphemy, by his childhood friend. The Christian respondent fled soon after the allegations, while his two sisters and another Christian were hooked by the police instead.

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Justice Ali Nawaz Chauhan stated in his letter that thorough investigations must be carried out every time a non-Muslim is accused of committing blasphemy, if found substantial only then an FIR should be registered. In the case under discussion, Nadeem James was accused based on personal grudges, as it turned out the litigant.

According to a Christian activist, Shahzad Khalid, Nadeem was accused because he had married a Muslim woman lately. Followed by police rampage against family of Nadeem James, entire Christian neighborhood of Father Colony in Sarai Alamgir fled anticipating mob violence.