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Dr. Liaquat M Qaiser – Pakistani Christian Educationists


Dr. Liaquat M Qaiser - Pakistani Christian Educationists

Professor Doctor Liaquat M Qaiser was born in Lahore and after completing his seminary training, he went on to the USA to get a doctorate degree. He is a renowned Christian theologian, sought after convention speaker and acclaimed writer. He has also served as church administrator.

Dr. Liaquat Qaiser is currently the principal of the Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan and the Chairman of the Open Theological Seminary Lahore. He is also the president of Pakistan Bible Society.

Dr. Qaiser started his official writing career in 1970 and has since then published numerous articles, books and Christian magazines. His views and articles regularly find place in various other Christian magazines such as Hamsookhan, Sada-e Aqleeyat,. He is also the editor in chief and the patron for magazines. He has also published two books.(Izdawaj ka safar) and (Masihi khadim ki roya).

For his literary works, after gaining international attention, Dr. Qaiser is accredited to dozens of awards. David Penman Award was bestowed upon him in 1990, and Eternal Life Ministry Award was given to him in 2007.

Professor Liaquat M Qaiser is well known for his educational achievements and contributions to the cause of Christianity in Pakistan.