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Dr Mira Phailbus: A Role Model for Pakistani Christian Women


Dr Mira Phailbus, remained the principle of Kinnaird College for about four decades. She is an eminent educationist of Pakistan who served as the minister for education and minority affairs in the Punjab government. She was the first women appointed Punjab Ombudswoman in Pakistan.

Dr Mira Phailbus

In 1937, Mira Ruth Jivanandham was born to parents of Bengali and South Indian ancestry. Having a strong Christian family Background, Mira dedicated was enthusiastic for missionary work. In addition, she had a strong concern for the empowerment of women, especially deprived Christian women. She was just 35 years old when she was requested to be the principle of Kinnaird College. Lacking the administrative experience, Mira had a strong faith in God. Despite all challenges of Government policies and on other church, Mira struggles hard to maintain a liberal outlook of College.

Dr. Mira Phailbus, principal chaired over the very difficult era of Nationalization (1972 – 96). Since then she has been involved in the phases of establishing the Independence of the College as a University. Dr. Phailbus taught the subject of Geography to students. Her ancestors were Christians from South India. She married a very renowned Lahore citizen, Theodore Phailbus. A remarkable and versatile person, Mira Phailbus has earned extensive acknowledgement for her work within Pakistan and internationally as well. Besides this, Dr Mira also served as the minister for education and minority affairs in the Punjab government. She is known for her contributions to the educational sector of Pakistan particularly the education of women.

After all struggles and hard work, college was finally granted administrative and financial autonomy and later academic autonomy in 2002 which was followed by degree issuing status. It was a keen mission of Mira to find financial assistance to Christian students who scarcely had opportunities to afford college fees. She has been successful in her missions because of her nonstop hard work, determination and struggle.

According to the publication of Dawn news February, 23, 2013, Dr Mira was appointed Punjab Ombudswoman. This was the first time any woman was given this slot in Pakistan.