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Drop Scene of Khurum Shehzad Victor: Real Story


After 7 years Zainab’s rape case many such cases covered on air for justice. Recently a Christian father of six daughters claimed that his 3 minor daughters became victim of sexual abuse last year on April 22 by one of his relatives in Sialkot and therefore he camped in front the Lahore Press Club since last three months. He also told that his wife died last year while his eldest daughter is still in the captivation of rapist.

khurram shahzad victor

As his video is uploaded on social media, several NGOs and police became active but later their investigation revealed that Khuram Shezad has made a fake story in order to blackmail his relatives. A family house of five marla in Maryam Nishat Colony Sialkot is their apple of discord.

According to Victor he worked at foot ball stitching unit in Sialkot and had to leave his daughters alone at home in order to go for his duty. He had a property dispute with his brother and cousin. He did not have good terms with them. One day in his absence they visited his house and sexually abused his 3 minor daughters. Later he went to the Police station to register FIR, they kidnap his elder daughter since they did not want him to register FIR against them.

Then he protested for 3 months outside the National Press Club Islamabad. There Centre for legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) promised to help him in his case. Later the CLAAS filed case on his behalf for the release of his abducted daughter in a local court of Sialkot but soon gave up.

Victor has no medical reports of his daughters whom he claimed alleged of rape. When asked to get DNA tests of his daughters, he refused saying that a father knows that his daughters became victims of sexual assault. Even the CLAAS offered him that they will take his children’ responsibility with the condition that he will find job to earn his livelihood, he disappeared from there suddenly, said Joseph Francis the Chairman of CLAAS. He is misusing his daughters to entrap his relatives in property conflict.

The social worker Behram Masood and Jibran Nasir are sorry for uploading a fake story of Victor without verification. On social media many comments in response of Victor’s case were negative saying that ‘Its fake report’ and only a property dispute case’.

According to Sub-Inspector Zahid Butt, the investigation officer told that Victor’s elder daughter Suman is studying since April. 2017 in Bara Pathar Boarding School of Church of Pakistan whom Victor claimed is under rapist custody. The police brushed aside the case because of no evidence and absence of the plaintiff.

According to Sialkot District Police Officer Asad Sarfraz, Victor’s none of the daughter was raped since their medical examination proved that. His case inquiry is ‘transparent and merit-based.’

A human rights activist Jibran Nasir posted on social media that Commissioner Chaudhry Shafiq of National Commission of Human Rights and Child Protection Bureau team visited Khurum Victor to provide protection to his children but he denied co-operating.

The Rights Activist Shakeel Naz said in response of fake news on social media, “The least we can do is to verify the news before posting it on the internet”.