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Dual Voting Rights And Abolition Of Blasphemy Law On 2014’s Agenda,Says Pakistan Christian Congress


KARACHI: Pakistan Christian Congress announces its course of action for 2014 regarding the issues of Pakistani Christians such as dual voting rights and abolishing of blasphemy laws.

Pakistan Christian Congress announces plans for 2014
Pakistan Christian Congress announces plans for 2014

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have solemnly broadcast their preparation to form a special Fund on international level; to confront the existing electoral system in Pakistan which according to them: seizes their right to elect their representatives on reserved seats in the parliament along with demand of blasphemy laws to be annulled.

In addition to these, Pakistan Christian Congress PCC will also move an added petition this year, with the United Nations offices in New York, United Nations Human Right Commission in Geneva and the United Nations Refugee Commission to approve “Refugee Status” for Pakistani Christians on the grounds of legitimate genocide of Christians in Pakistan.

President of Pakistan Christian Congress- Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said in a statement issued from Central Secretariat of PCC: Pakistani Christians are excluded from mainstream politics of Pakistan with imposition of Joint Electorate denying Article 226 of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and all other articles which guarantee equal democratic rights to them. I will personally ravel to Geneva to submit PCC petition for Refugee Status to Pakistani Christians with UN offices and to present memorandums to Amnesty International, Human Right organizations in UK and in EU on situation of Christians in year 2014.


Dr. Nazir Bhatti continued: The right to elect Christians representations in National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and Local governments with Christian votes instead of Selection by Muslim leaders will only empower Pakistani Christians equal rights in Pakistan. What’s more the PCC Chief affirmed that: PCC is only representative body of Pakistani Christians but alliance with likeminded other regional groups to secure Christian rights cannot be dismissed in year 2014.