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Dubai: Pakistani Christian community censures ”blasphemous”cartoon competition


Leaders from Pakistani Christian community nestled in Dubai have heavily censured the “blasphemous” cartoon completion announced by a Dutch politician. For this purpose a meeting was held where members from Pakistani Christian community were present. A joint statement was issued by the participants, terming the contest as a deliberate attempt to create enmity between Muslims and Christians; posing a threat to peace in various parts of the world.

Pakistani Christians in UAE

Pakistani Overseas Christians Community in UAE organized to issue a joint statement regarding the blasphemous contest. Pastor John Qadir, Sanawar Gill and Sunil Jacob while addressing the attendees, urged the United Nations and other international forums to take notice of the issue.

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The participants said that there was a need to legislate in such a way that such acts are curbed. They said that the government of Holland must realize that adherents of every religion could tolerate such provoking acts. They unanimously stated that this contest by no means could be branded as freedom of expression. They expressed concerns that if this issue was overlooked; a serious clash between civilizations will be birthed.

They stated that Christian community always took stand for harmony among adherents of different religions. Mr. John Qadir stated that the very fact that controversial and blasphemous cartoons become on social media should not be tolerated and must deal with.

“It is a conspiracy to attack religious feelings of Muslims. Extremism had already jeopardized world peace and must be put to an end,” he added. Pastor John urged the political leadership of Pakistan and the Premier to raise the issue with government of Netherlands. He said that the government must start a dialogue with the religious outfits so that security of Christian community living in Pakistan.

Speaking on behalf of Pakistani Christians he said: “We Christians living in Pakistan and overseas condemn such contest of blasphemous cartoons in the Netherlands and we always urge to have brotherhood relationship with other religions, communities and societies equally.”