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Eastern Patriarchs Call For Eradication Of Islamic State Terrorist Group


Catholic and Orthodox patriarchs of the Middle East have condemned attacks on Christians and called upon the international community to work toward eradicating terrorist groups.

Eastern Patriarchs condemn killing of Christians
Eastern Patriarchs condemn killing of Christians

The patriarchs met today at the Maronite Catholic patriarchate at Bkerke, north of Beirut, for a special meeting to address the crisis in the region. They were later joined by the United Nations’ special coordinator in Lebanon and the ambassadors of the five permanent member-countries of the UN Security Council.

“The very existence of Christians is at stake in several Arab countries – notably in Iraq, Syria and Egypt – where they have been exposed to heinous crimes, forcing them to flee,” they said.

“The international community must act and eradicate” the Islamic State, the patriarchs said.