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Ecuador earthquake: Church leaders urge all to “pray for protection and peace in this difficult moment”


Ecuador earthquake

Church leaders in Ecuador have urged all to pray for peace and protection as a calamity struck the country on Saturday, April 16. The quake left a trail of destruction as till now, there are 525 casualties reported. Since Saturday more than 200 aftershocks have been felt.

In the wake of the massive earthquake, the World Evangelical Alliance has expressed “confraternal solidarity in the love of Jesus Christ in this time of pain.” Furthermore, José Román Romero- Secretary General of the evangelical denomination, said that the Assemblies of God church in Ecuador “contacted all our pastors, and they are well.”

“In this moment, all of our team in the country is united in prayer crying out for everyone who has been affected by this difficult moment for our nation. The network of Christian policemen ‘Cristopol’ also joined the prayers for protection and peace for all the families and asking Jesus Christ extends his protecting hand.”

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On the other hand, Christians in the rest of Latin America are actively praying for quake victims while offering their support to the Ecuadorians. “We express our feelings of solidarity with the people of our sister the Ecuadorian Republic”, the Latin Evangelical Alliance said in a statement.

“We ask all evangelicals in Latin America to be united in prayer and ready to offer any collaboration that is requested from us, the World Evangelical Alliance expressed its “confraternal solidarity in the love of Jesus Christ in this time of pain, suffering and preoccupation for the Ecuadorian brothers affected by the recent quake in the country. When a part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers.”

Soon after the quake, a state of emergency was declared in six province of Ecuador, as 10,000 armed forces’ personnel were deployed along with 4,600 policemen sent to the towns near the epicenter. There are massive causalities as buildings and houses collapsed as a result of the jolt, and hundreds of people got buried under the rubble.