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Ecuador quake aftereffect: Christian aid groups urge Christians all over the world to pray for the vicitms


Followed by the devastating catastrophe in Ecuador, several Christian relief groups are sending in their aid missions to the battered country. The death toll has risen above 650, and 12,500 injured according to the latest statement by the Ecuadorian government. The Christian Aid groups, apart from giving off, aid are urging Christians all over the world to pray for the victims. On Saturday, April 16- a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Ecuador, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Earthquake in Ecuador

Latin America Director of Christian Aid Mission – Rosa Contreras Hart- “Christians anywhere can pray. Sometimes we forget that prayer is a believer’s greatest and most powerful weapon. Prayer makes such a difference and we can all pray that people will be rescued from the collapsed buildings, families will be reunited, God will supply the physical help victims need and many will come to believe in Christ from this tragedy.”

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Christian Aid Mission is also engaged in raising funds to purchase the relief items, as the rehabilitation process of these victims will take years, meanwhile the area continues to suffer from aftershocks. Rosa Contreras Hart further said: “Remember there are people who are our brothers and sisters in Christ there. If the Lord calls someone to give, there are many Christian aid organizations helping. Christian Aid Mission is raising funds to send 100 percent of gifts donated to the three ministries we have been assisting for many years so they can provide supplies as soon as possible.”

CAM director further maintained that clean drinking water, food, clothes and shelter are the prime immediate needs of these victims, who lost almost everything. “Emotionally, families have lost loved ones. There is tremendous shock and grief. Having someone to just listen and cry with you is so important right now.”

Hart further explained about a partner ministry of Christian Aid Mission which is providing psychological counselling to the victims. “One of the ministries we assist in Machala is led by a pastor who is also a psychologist. He is travelling up to the quake zone in the Marabi region just to help those affected with trauma care while sharing the eternal hope of Christ that doesn’t tarnish or pass away.”

She went on to add that one of the greatest hurdles in relief operations being carried out by the Christian aid groups are the price hike due to the jeopardy and a scarcity of means of transport, for the ministries which are striving to bring in their relief supplies.

“The ministries are sending teams to the earthquake area to be with them through this trial, to hug them, to cry with them, to listen to their stories. The indigenous ministries do not have the means to help on a large scale but they want to help as much as they can and emotionally support those affected,” she continued.

“They want to walk alongside the victims to let them know they are cared about. The ministries also see this as an incredible opportunity to share the God’s love with these hurting people during their darkest days. One ministry leader told me he desires to go to share that the only real hope in this world is Jesus — material things can fade away but the Word of the Lord stands forever.”