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Education, unity and concordance inevitable impetuses for Pakistani Christians: Chairman All Minorities Democrat


Robin Yousaf Saroya, Chairman All Minorities Democrat has urged the Pakistani Christian community to stay united in order to progress. He called upon the Christians in Pakistan to avoid derision among them and live in concordance in order to cope with the alarming problems. “Our nation needs to live in harmony and unity,” he insisted.

Pakistani Christians need education

Robin Yousuf further went on to emphasize on the fact that educating Christians is the need of the hour. He said that without educating them, it is impossible to solve their problems along with propelling them out of misery. “Christians need to be educated at any cost,” he asserted.

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He said that all the developed countries in the world had strictly jostled by educating their people and upholding unity and harmony. This is the key to accomplishment, he explained. “It is about time that Pakistani Christians should look forward to make progress,” he said.

All Minorities Democrats chief emphasized that Pakistani Christians should also start eyeing to start their own businesses – does not matters if they start from a small slowly but gradually they are sure to rise. He also advised Pakistani Christian youth to seek honorable jobs in government sector in order to be able to enjoy a respectable status in the society. He urged them not settle for less but to keep striving for better.