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Egypt: A Christian convert endures grim persecution- thrown in front of fierce dogs


An Egyptian Christian convert faced immense persecution even laid in front of ferocious dogs, in a possible attempt to kill him savagely. Majed El Shafie- who was a law student, survived the savage persecution, as the dogs did not harm him miraculously. “These dogs are trained to listen to their masters. But there is no higher Master than the Lord Jesus Christ,” El Shafie said.

Christian convert persecuted in Egypt

Followed by his conversion, he was in deep trouble as he was termed an apostate by his family and community. After his conversion, he wrote a motivational book for other converts and founded an organization providing legal aid to Christians. However, it was not too long unless he was hooked for betraying Islam and spreading apostasy.

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While narrating his ordeal he said that the police subjected him to severe torture before he was thrown into the Abu Zaabel prison in Cairo- which is infamously known “Hell on Earth.” He said that on his first day in prison, the jailer shaved his head and put his head in one after the other in freezing cold and boiling hot water. “After that, they took me to my cell, and then told me, ‘You tell us the name of your friends.'”

He told that the following day, the jailers hung him upside down, and started burning his body with cigarettes then cut him with knives. On the next day, the jailer let three sneering dogs loose in his gloomy cell. Miraculously the dogs did no harm to him, and sat around him. Later more dogs were set in the cell, who also did the same thing. “The guards were talking about it as a miracle,” El Shafie said.

Following day, the jailor offered him anything he wanted only if he would just reveal who his associates were. El Shafie asked for food in order to reveal who his leader was. After eating to his full he told the jailer, “I can’t remember the names, but I’ll tell you the name of our leader, and if you can catch him, he can tell you exactly the names of all the members.” When the jailer asked him the name of the leader he replied: “The name of our leader is Jesus Christ. If you can catch Him, catch Him.”

He was made to hang on a wooden cross for next two days while they cut his body with knives and sprinkled salt and lemon on the wounds. He was left unconscious, and woke up in a hospital. Subsequently, he was tried in a court and was awarded capital punishment but managed to flee from jail with the help of friends.