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Egypt: A church to be built which is dedicated to 21 Christians martyred by ISIS


Egyptian Christians

A Church being built which is dedicated to 21 Christians who were killed by allies of ISIS earlier this year.

According to details, last week the foundation stone of a church was laid. This church has been dedicated the 21 Christians martyred earlier this year, by the militants allied to terror group ISIS.

Reports have this that the President of Egypt- Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had given permission for building this church soon after the 21 Christians were slain by the Islamic extremists. However, despite the permission of Egypt’s President local Muslims posed opposition to the construction of this church. As a result, the construction work was delayed however, last week the foundation stone was laid.

A small mission organisation E3 Partners Middle East expert states, “Al-Sisi, the leader, has taken a strong stand. And even when the 21 Egyptians were killed on the beach in Libya, he ordered air strikes against Libya.”

“There seems to be a temporary reprieve because the government is hitting hard against any of the Muslim groups that have been after Christians. The situation for people of the Cross has improved somewhat, but it’s not over. There’s still strong Islamic brotherhood and other groups within the country that are actively going after Christians.”

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“This, for the body of Christ, was victory. Revelation 12:11 says, ‘They conquered him the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies. They did not love life more than death.’ In fact, ISIS threw everything they had at these Christians. They didn’t bend. They didn’t recant. They stood firm for Jesus. The last words on their lips were ‘Jesus, I love you. Jesus, forgive these killers.’”

After the video of these 21 Christians being slayed on February 15, by the militants allied to terror group ISIS, The video flopped because it was intended to terrorize the Egyptian Christians so they would become silent but in its place the Egyptian Christians assembled and united in the hour of distress and the church in Egypt became one. E3 Partners Middle East expert further said, the people of the Cross realized that “this isn’t a war against us. Jesus said, ‘They’re going to hate you because they hate Me.’ This is a bigger war. This is a war on Jesus, and we just want to show them that we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with them.”

Moreover, on November 1 a global day of prayer for the Persecuted Church worldwide, will be observed. This day will be marked as an “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church”

E3 Partners Middle East expert further stated, We want to hand-deliver these letters to the families, to the widows, to the fathers and mothers that lost their sons, and just tell them that the body of Christ stands with them. We’re praying for them; we want to send them a verse of encourage and just want to let them know that we walk side by side with them.”