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EGYPT: A Coptic Christian Kidnapped And Killed By Unknown Men

Am Egyptoan Christian kidnapped and killed
An Egyptoan Christian kidnapped and killed

Ehab Karam – a Coptic Christian dentist was killed on Tuesday, September 23 in the province of Assiut, Upper Egypt, after he was abducted by unknown persons. He was kidnapped probably for ransom. Karam was stopped by the kidnappers while he was going home; he had a dentist office in the town of el-Badari.

The plague of kidnapping perpetrated against members of the Coptic Christian community continues to claim victims in all of Egypt, with a dense concentration in Upper Egypt and in particular in the region of Assiut, where in some villages on the banks of the Nile, Christians in the past were also sometimes forced to pay sums of money “in advance” under the threat of violent reprisals.