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Egypt: A mob of 300 warns off Christians from “building a church” by torching their houses


A mob of 300 Muslims torched houses of Coptic Christian as a warning not build a church in the village. At least four houses were torched by the vandals, in the Kom El Loofy village in Samalout, Egypt. The Christian villagers wanted to build a church on their land, however, the local Muslims were opposing the construction.

Coptic Christians persecuted in Egypt

In accordance with details a Christian villager Ashraf Khalaaf, was accused of intending build a church on his land, and was summoned to the local police station. He was made to sign a bond declaring that he will not build a church on his land. Despite his assurance to the police the mob torches four houses of Christians in order to intimidate him from building a church.

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Followed by the incident, the Christian Solidarity Worldwide sated, “The torching of Coptic homes in Kom El Loofy underscores once more the urgent need for Egypt’s House of Representatives to enact a law regulating the construction and renovation of houses of worship in a manner that guarantees the right of Christians to worship in community with others.”

“We echo the Bishopric of Samaloot in condemning the imposition of reconciliation meetings as a replacement for the rule of law because they impose ad-hoc, unjust and often un-constitutional conditions on the victims of sectarian violence and perpetuate impunity for the perpetrators. Rule of law must be upheld, and must include security services nationwide serving every community without discrimination on the grounds of religion,” CSW stated.