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Egypt: A Mob of Muslims shot a Christian dead, dragged his dead body in streets


Coptic Christians

A mob of Muslims brutally kill a Christian in front of his son.

According to details, the incident was reported from a village Dalga in Egypt. A mob of Muslims reportedly killed a Christian by shooting him in front of his son. After he died, the mob dragged his dead body to a local mosque. The horrors were not over yet, the mob fastened the dead body of the Christian man with a tractor and started spoiling and damaging his corpse while chanting “Allahu Akbar!”

The inhumane drama lasted for hours and afterwards, the mutilated dead body of the Christian was buried in a local cemetery. However, the following day, some of Muslims dug his grave and took out his dead body. They dragged the dead body in streets making a public spectacle while further mutilating it.

The victim was a Christian resident of Dalga village, who was a barber by profession. Before killing him, the Muslim mob stormed into his shop where he was working and damaged it complete while setting it on fire. The victim’s son Boutrous, who is a witness to the diabolical act, told the media that, “We were at work when we heard Muslims were burning churches… Leaders in the mosques were telling Muslims to attack Christians and kill them… They broke into the shop, took everything and burned the place down.

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They caught my father and shot him multiple times. Then they dragged his body to the mosque. When they reached the mosque they tied his body to a tractor and dragged him through the village again… the next day some people dug up his body and dragged it through the village again. They did this three times that day… we have no money, no clothes, no job, our home is destroyed, and our business is destroyed.”

Persecution of Christians is increasing in Egypt day by day. In this regard, Bishop of Minya’s Coptic Church- Anba Macarius, portrays a murky picture of the anti-Christian violence. Many churches and Christian organisations have been targeted by Muslims so far.

“Three hundred homes, 100 businesses, 15 churches and about 10 Christian organizations were destroyed in my province. Christians in Egypt are expecting death at any time. I thank the Lord I am still alive but I am like anybody else in Minya, we all face dangers. My life is not more precious than any other soul in Minya,” he said.