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Egypt: A woman killed for marrying a Christian after converting to Christianity


Coptic Christians

A 26-year-old, woman purportedly killed by her own family over converting to Christianity and marrying a Christian man.

In line with details, an Egyptian woman namely Marwa Ahmad has been allegedly murdered by her family after she converted to Christianity. After accepting Christianity, she married a Christian man from Fayoum, Egypt.

Three years ago, Marwa, moved to Alexandria from the town of Tamiyyah. After marrying a Christian she had a son and a daughter. According to reports, Marwa was murdered about two weeks ago, by her own uncle and cousins when she was on a visit back to Tamiyyah for a short while.

Marwa went to Tamiyyah to visit her in-laws, although she was well aware of the threats and danger to her own life. She knew before hand that her own family might cause trouble for her. Reports have this that father of Marwa took her to her brother’s house for about ten days to Qalubiya for the sake of her safety.

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However, her uncle got information about her whereabouts, and managed to kidnap her from her brother’s house. It has been learnt that her Marwa’s uncle pressurized her younger sister to kill her in order to punish her for converting to Christianity. However, her younger sister did not kill her but her uncle himself killed her.

Shortly after the murder, Marwa’s father went to the police to inform them about the incident. After killing Marwa, her uncle is in hiding. In the intervening time, a ‘reconciliation’ settlement has resulted between the family of her Christian husband and Marwa’s family. Under this settlement, the Christian family has to move to another city so there could be no further clashes between the two families or even between local Christians and Muslims.

This is not a new case, the persecution of Coptic Christians has been steadily increasing in Egypt. There have been frequent incidents of attacks on Christians, churches and Christian converts.