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EGYPT: Children In A School Protest On Separate Classes Based On Religion


The problem related to a private nursery school in the, municipality of the governorate of Guizeh, where the institute’s management had decided to gather Christian pupils in reserved classes, separating them from their fellow Muslims.

Christians in EGYPT
Christians in EGYPT

The young pupils themselves, with their families, asked the school administration to back track, and to avoid a religious “apartheid” that would have separated Christian and Muslim children who have become friends to share their daily life in the classroom.

The school had based its decision on the basis of logistical criteria and with the intent to exempt Christian children from Islamic religion lessons. “In the Egyptian educational system, and even in Christian schools – Anba Antonios Aziz Mina, the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Guizeh – these problems do not exist: boys and girls, Christians and Muslims share the same classes, and follow only religion classes separately. My dream, which I recognize to be a bit ‘utopic, would be to have common religion classes, which explain to children the elementary contents of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, linked by common Abrahamic roots”.