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Egypt: ISIS’ gunman bumps off a Coptic priest outside a church in Sinai region


An unknown gunman has gunned down a Coptic priest, outside a church in Egypt’ Sinai region. The security officials say there were more than one gunman involved in the killing. The assailants were purportedly following the priest’ car, and shot him dead when he appeared. However, the church spokesperson stated that a single gunman who was standing right next to his car shot him dead.

Coptic priest gunned down by assailants in Sinai region

46-year-old, Raphael Moussa, was shot dead outside The Church of the Martyr of St George in Sinai, Egypt today June 30, Thursday. Raphael left the church in El-Arish, Capital of Northern Sinai region. He had attended a mass at the church and was returning when the incident happened. Raphael died on the spot, after being shot in the head.

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Boulos Halim, a church spokesperson said, “The whole situation in El-Arish and North Sinai is under threat. Many Christians have left.” Shortly after the incident, terror group Islamic State’ operatives in Egypt have claimed responsibility for the murder. In a statement posted on social media, the terror group stated that the priest was “combating Islam,” therefore he was punished for it.