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EGYPT: Islamists Threat Christians, Encourage Attacks On Churches As Christmas Approaches


Online threats hover over the Egyptian Christians, as attacks on Christians have been encouraged in threatening messages.

Egyptian Christians facing threats
Egyptian Christians facing threatsEGYPT

According to Fides, the Islamic militants have posted messages that incite and encourage attacks on Christians and churches, particularly in regions where they are in majority. Moreover, these online messages have also threatened those Muslims who help Christians to celebrate the Christmas season of dire circumstances.

As a result of these vexing messages the Egyptian Muslim leaders have strongly condemned the online threats to the Coptic Christian community as Christmas approached. Amna Nosseir, dean of the faculty of Islamic Studies at the Al Azhar University, has issued his own statement condemning the threats, saying that they betray the true nature of Islam. He also called upon Muslims to join with Christians in protecting churches from attacks.