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EGYPT: Three Christians Killed During Clashes In Cairo

anti-Christians violence in Egypt
anti-Christians violence in Egypt

In recent acts if anti-Christian violence in Egypt at least three Christian Copts – including a 10-year-child were killed during the clashes in capital. These clashes erupted in Cairo on the occasion of fourth anniversary of end of the long regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

According to local sources, during the riots, the vandals fired shots at the church of St. Raphael the Archangel in Maadi. On the other hand, in Beni Suef and other urban areas the security forces closed the streets around the churches to prevent possible attacks by Islamist groups.

In line with details, 10-year-old Mina Rafaat and was hit by a stray bullet during these clashes in the Capital and was killed. The official death toll released by the Egyptian media speaks of 18 dead and more than fifty wounded as a result of these clashes. Anba Antonios Aziz Mina- Coptic Catholic Bishop of Guizeh said, “In large part – clashes occurred between the police and groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, that aim to credit the image of a still destabilized Egypt.”