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Egypt: Three unknown gunmen open fire on a church, no one harmed


Coptic Christians

Three gunmen have attacked a church in Egypt, however, no casualties were reported.

In keeping with details, the official news agency of Egypt has reported that three gunmen opened fire on a church. It was reported that the gunmen arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire on a church which is near Cairo.

Shortly, after they had launched an attack, an exchange of firing took place between the attackers and the Egyptian police. However, no one was reportedly killed as a result of this incident. The incident took place today, November 12.

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Despite the police fighting them off, all three of the attackers managed to escape
from the scene unharmed. The incident has been verified by an Egyptian news agency MENA. The church, which has come under attack is located near the Giza pyramids. MENA reports that, the policemen who had been deployed at the church for security purposes were left with scrapes and bruises after the exchange of firing with the attackers.

Such incidents are not unfamiliar in Egypt, recent times have witnessed a wave of increased attacks on the churches and Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority. These incidents have increased an atmosphere of tensions and clashes between the Coptic Christians and Muslims. These clashes and tensions are from time to time aggravated by officials.

However, it has been quite some time that Egypt’s Coptic Christians have been plainly complaining about being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. At one time, in Egypt’s history, Christians were in majority however, in recent times they make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s 85 million people. On the basis of these records, Egypt’s Coptic Christians make Middle East’s largest Christian community of recent times.