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Egyptian Christians lucidly condemn “blasphemy law” call for its abolition

Coptic Christians
Coptic Christians

Egyptian Christians decry blasphemy law, while calling for its abolition.

According to details, Egypt’s Coptic Christian community has unanimously raised voice against the notorious blasphemy law, which they termed as exploitative. While at the same time, they praised Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who according to them saved them from the tyranny of the Muslim brotherhood.

Heads and representatives of Coptic Christian community attended this UN meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. During this UN minority rights forum, The Coptic Christians who attended this forum overtly condemned the blasphemy law, which they said, “exploited against the Copts.”

Since 2011, the cases of blasphemy accusations soared to higher levels. An increased number of Christians were convicted of insulting Islam. However, the Coptic Christians said that since Sisi took over the reign of Egypt, they have been saved the repressive policies of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, previously churches were attacked frequently, while at the same time, thousands of Coptic Christians were displaced.

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Previously famous Egyptian writers and speakers have been hooked for “contempt and defamation of Islam.” These included Karam Saber, who is a lawyer currently serving a five-year sentence.

Moreover, Medhat Kelada who heads the European Coptic Organizations Union, led the effort to annul the blasphemy law in Egypt. Medhat said that it has no place in Egypt, which had been anticipated by millions of Egyptians in the wake of the Muslim brotherhood’s rule.

Despite the fact that changes have been made to Muhammad Morsi’s constitution, for example the deduction of an article that bans “insulting the prophets,” not much has changed for the Coptic Christians, who still have to face arrests because of their faith.

In this regard, a researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms-Mina Thabet, claimed that little will change. “Sisi is conservative. He doesn’t care about religious freedom,” said Mina Thabet said in an interview.