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Egyptian Coptic Christians Target of Islamic Oppression


According to Open Doors survey Egypt is designated on 17th position in the most dangerous countries for religious minorities.

According to a recent research report there are two groups who are persecuting the Copts in Egypt. One is official group and other is the member one’s own extended family.

Egyptian Coptic Christians Target of Islamic Oppressions

There are three more elements in the Egyptian society who are involved in the persecution of Copts. They are Muslim Clerics, extremist’s religious groups and general public who attack in the form of mobs.

The report shows that even from the highly qualified people to the common people whose views are shaped by the radicals are against the Christians.

High authorities of the Government act like operators who are failed in justifying the rights of Christians as well as violate their basic rights. Even sometimes the government itself is the persecutor of Christian minorities. Last year in July Muslims beat Christian soldiers to death due to their faith difference.

In some cases the rumors about a Christian man with a Muslim woman, construction or renovation of a church or even doing prayer in their own homes; blaze up the Muslim mob’s emotions who then in rage set on fire the chapels or kill the Christians. In such cases there is no arrest of the locals who are responsible for this situation and even the churches are closed for apparently no reason.

Around 1,600 Copts are resident of a village in Minya. For five years they were not allowed to pray in churches since they confronted local Muslims hostility and were not issued church construction license. Moreover, once they Christian houses were set on fire with the allegation that these people use their houses as’ house churches’.

Coptic women are often become subject of ‘harassment, forced marriage or marriage by abduction and sexual assault…. Such persecution causes great physiological trauma and pain to Christian families and communities.”
The people who convert to Christianity are often beaten by their own family members for abandoning Islam and they are expelled from their houses.

Alexandria and Cairo the cosmopolitan cities of Egypt Christians face more prejudice than in rural areas.
Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi on one hand gives positive signs in favor of Coptic Christian since he visited the church before Christmas evening service while on the other hand Christians are attacked by the militants under his reign.

The report says that Christians in Egypt are living under consistent insecurity. They are confronting continuous persecution in the every field of life sometimes in the form of violence and non violence.

It is noted that under Sisi rule terrorist attack increased on Copts. The president Sisi promised for providing equal rights to the citizens which included the Christian Copts but it can be seen that aspect of Islamic society is prevailing in Egypt.