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Election day to be observed as a “Black Day”: PCC


KARACHI: The President of Pakistan Christian Congress urges Hindu community to join them in boycott of the upcoming elections.


Dr. Nazir Bhatti
Dr. Nazir Bhatti

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti – President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC beseeches Dalit and middle class Hindus from Sindh, Punjab, KPK and Balochistan to join Boycott movement of Elections 2013, seeing this is time to set themselves free from yoke of slavery of High Caste Hindus who are using their vote bank for empowerment interests.  

The situation of Christian is worst in Pakistan when Hindu are victim of hate by and Muslim and upper class Hindus in Sindh, Christians are treated like slaves by Muslims in Punjab, Sindh and KPK” said Nazir S Bhatti. Publicizing initial steps in this boycott he said that Christian and Hindu parties will boycott the agents of Muslim parties on social grounds that draw near them for votes in favor of their candidates.   Nazir S Bhatti said, 11th May 2013, will be observed a “Black Day” by Christians in Pakistan winching black flags in expression of resentment over the Electoral discrimination to the religious minorities in Pakistan.