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Eleven Christians Including A Pastor Accused Of Blasphemy In Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Eleven Christians including a pastor accused of alleged blasphemy.

11 Christians accused of blapshemy in Islamabad
11 Christians accused of blapshemy in Islamabad

According to details, eleven Christians all resident of the Capital. These eleven include a pastor who have been allegedly accused of committing blasphemy by a women namely Naseem Bibi. As witnesses reveal the accuser Naseem Bibi has made these allegation based over a personal dispute. Naseem Bibi formerly a Christian converted to Islam 20 years back and married a Muslim man. She was reportedly denounced by local Christians and in reaction she heaved blasphemy allegations over these eleven Christians.

The complainant Naseem Bibi has told the police that Pastor Karamat Masih and 50 other Christians stormed into her home, harassed and threatened her. The police had hooked four of the accused Christians who are now in police custody.

Pakistani Christians activist and lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill reported to Fides saying, “There are always more and more frequent cases where the blasphemy law is used to target religious minorities or to settle cases of disputes and private rivalries, or simply as an instrument of blackmail. The State must arrest and condemn those who formula false accusations”.