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Encyclopedia Of Terror: ISIS Secrets Revealed


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Mirror Online has accessed an online terror encyclopedia through which they have gained access to a huge cache of documents which demonstrate the frightening level of ease with which the Islamic State’s undercover operatives can access highly technical expertise.

It was revealed by Mirror Online that ISIS terrorists are arming extremist sleeper cells in Britain with the expertise to remain undetected, spread propaganda and brainwash new recruits.

The terror group has spent years building an online terrorism library which is filled with enormous range of materials designed to help extremists I the West.

Documents found in the library reveal how the terrorists group always remains one step ahead of the police. A security source said: “Members of ISIS grew up in a different generation to Al Qaeda. They learned how to use the internet and smart phones whilst at school and are at that age where using tech is part of everyday, normal life.

After inspection of the library, it has been found that recruits are trained to wipe out any digital foot print that they create. Teaching of how to use a “dark web” to communicate globally with terrorists are also given to new members. Supporters have call centre-style lists of prefabricated religious arguments to use during radicalization attempts.
The Mirror Online has reported this discovery to be extremely useful’ to already radical undercover ISIS operatives as well as serving as an introduction for wannabe jihadis looking to join the extremists’ brutal war.