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End ‘focus on bad news’ Pope Francis urges the media


Pope Francis has called upon international media to “stem the spiral of fear” which is caused by coverage of the tragedies which unfold all over the world. The Pontiff stated on Tuesday, January 24 that: “I am convinced that we have to break the vicious circle of anxiety and stem the spiral of fear resulting from a constant focus on ‘bad news.’”

Pope Francis talks to media

“This has nothing to do with spreading misinformation that would ignore the tragedy of human suffering, nor is it about a naive optimism blind to the scandal of evil,” the Pontiff stated. “Rather, I propose that all of us work at overcoming that feeling of growing discontent and resignation that can at times generate apathy, fear or the idea that evil has no limits,” he said. In his message, he further continued that the media people must engage in “constructive forms of communication that reject prejudice” and help create a world of “realism and trust.”

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In his message, Pope Francis said that he was worried about media’s too much focus on “bad news” that included “wars, terrorism, scandals and all sorts of human failure” by a media industry that thinks good news doesn’t sell and where the “tragedy of human suffering and the mystery of evil” easily become entertainment.

“I ask everyone to offer the people of our time story lines that are at heart ‘good news,’” the pontiff said. “Let us offer the men and women of our time stories marked by the logic of ‘good news’,” Pope Francis stated in a tweet on the Catholic Church’s 50th World Communications Day.