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Establish “safe zones” within Syria, Reverend Franklin Graham advises US President Obama


Franklin Graham

Reverend Franklin Graham has urged US President Obama to establish safe zones for the greatly troubled refugees from the war-struck regions.

According to media reports, Reverend Franklin Graham in his open letter to the US President Barack Obama has made recommendations about how the Unites States of America can help out assuage the wide-reaching refugee problem, while offering shelter and protection to the expatriated people form the war-zones in the Middle East.

Reverend Franklin Graham wrote on his facebook page: “With nearly 40 years of experience in international relief work, assisting refugees and displaced people from Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, I would like to add my voice to those supporting the establishment of safe zones in Syria. This would allow Syrians fleeing from areas of conflict inside the country to find safety, food, medicine, and shelter, and stay within their borders, nearer their homes, until a political and military settlement has been reached.”

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Reverend Graham further pointed out to the fact that in the past, majority of refugees he has worked with harbour a keen longing to return to their homelands and not to resettle in a new home elsewhere.

“As we have all seen, fleeing to another country adds great risk to their lives and exposes the refugees to exploitation by unscrupulous people who deal in human trafficking,” he said. In order to establish safe zones for the refugees, America has to fashion a partnership with its allies in Europe and the Middle East, owing to fact that this would require a “considerable commitment” from the United States.

“Without action, I believe this crisis will only escalate. Europe and the United States will be unable to handle the flood of people; and the long-term implications are great with the possibility of ISIS infiltrating the refugees and bringing their terrorist activities onto our shores. It is more effective, more economical, and safer to work with our partners and deal with the problem there,” he said.

Reverend Franklin Graham robustly urged US President Obama to “lead the way” and establish an alliance which is the absolute need of the hour to create safe zones within Syria’s borders. “I pray that God will give you His wisdom as your decisions will affect the lives of so many. God bless you,” he wrote finishing his open letter.