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Ethiopia: Sons of a woman slain for converting to Christianity accept Jesus as Savior


Sons of an Ethiopian woman who was killed brutally for converting to Christianity, surrender their lives to Christ. Seeing the steadfast faith of their mother, who was a Muslim formerly, the young men decided to accept Lord Jesus as their Savior. Their mother was killed last year by their father after he learnt about her conversion to Christianity.

Persecution of Christians in Ethiopia

Open Doors reported last year that the Ethiopian woman named Workitu, was murdered by her husband and a neighbor in late March, 2015. The incident took place in Addis Ababa, where the lady was tortured when she refused her husband’s demands to sell government drought relief aid.

It was learnt that the woman was previously beaten ruthlessly, several times after she converted to Christianity. Her husband had tortured her several times, after he learnt about her conversion. However, she endured the hardships and held fast to her faith. Soon when the Muslim community learnt about her conversion, they started threatening her in order to harass her to convert back to Islam. Moreover, her husband vowed to kill her if she did not renounce Christ.

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When the situation worsened, Workitu was advised by the church officials to inform the police about those harassing or threatening her. She wrote a letter to the police, explaining the entire situation. Nonetheless, her letter was ignored by the police and no action was taken against those threatening to kill her.

Open Doors reported that after Workitu’s husband and neighbor beat her violently, she was rushed to a nearby clinic, where she received treatment for few days. Later on, she was taken to a hospital, but she could not survive. After her death, police arrested her husband and the neighbor and brought charges of murder against them.

A year after Workitu’ death, her two sons after witnessing her unalterable faith in Christ, have decided to follow Christ. The two lads namely, Mustafa and Kedir have become Christians, saying that they wanted to learn more about the God their mother worshiped. Prior to their conversion, Workitu was the only Christian in their family.

Open Doors quoted a local evangelist saying: “Workitu is like Stephen. Her death was honored by the bringing of her sons to new life. I know she would have been extremely delighted had she witnessed her sons’ decision to follow Christ.”