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Ethiopian State Organized Mourning Rally Turns Violent


ethiopia rally
A state organized rally was staged in Addis Ababa against killing of Ethiopians by Islamic State and the killing of 3 others in the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Thousands came out on the streets to take part in the rally.

The rally was part of the three days mourning announced by the government earlier in the week. Another rally which had started in the home town of one of the victims has been forcefully dispersed by the police.

At one point in today’s rally, a youth group started chanting anti-government slogans saying, “Your time is over” and “where is the government?” This forced the police to fire teargas. Numerous were injured in the crackdown that followed. The police targeted many groups which had collectively taken the shape of a rally.

Plain-clothed security agents also held many captives and there have been reports of few been taken by ambulances in the after-math. It has not been confirmed if all were injured by beating from the police or had they been victims of the stampede that occurred. Hundreds have also been reported to take refuge in near by places.