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EU considers making refugee camps in Africa, granting funds and denying asylum to the undue refugees


Syrian refugees

European governments considering denying the right of asylum to numerous refugees by granting funds and build camps for the refugees in Africa and in a different places outside the European Union.

It was on Monday September 14, in Brussels that the EU interior ministers gathered and established that just the once the planned system of refugee camps outside the European Union gets going, the asylum claims from refugees in the camps would be precluded in Europe.

This emergency meeting of interior ministers of the EU was called to cope with the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. The meeting broke up in hostility in the midst of clear failure to agree on a new system of binding quotas for refugees being shared across the EU member countries along with some other decisions which were deferred until next month.

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The EU interior ministers urged for establishment of refugee camps in Italy and Greece and furthermore they insisted for the imprisonment of “irregular migrants” deprived of asylum and facing deportation but for whom “voluntary return” was not currently “practicable”.

However, all the EU interior ministers agreed “in principle” to share 160,000 refugees among at least 22 member countries, taking in the refugees from Greece, Hungary, and Italy, nonetheless, a formal decision was delayed until next month. It was made clear that the proposal should be charitable rather than binding and demanded ‘flexibility’.

The ministers also debated over asylum-processing to countries mainly in Africa where “reception centres” or refugee camps would be built. The statement said, “Implementation shall start on a medium-term strategy aimed at developing safe and sustainable reception capacities in the affected regions and providing lasting prospects and adequate procedures for refugees and their families until return to their country of origin is possible.”