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EU Parliament censures Pakistan for not protecting its Christian and other minorities’ citizens


EU Parliament session

The European Union Parliament has strongly criticized Pakistan for its failure to provide protection to the Christian citizens and other religious minorities residing in the country.

In a plenary session in Brussels, the EU Parliament took Pakistan to task for its appalling human rights’ record in connection to treatment of the Christians and other religious minority communities living in the country. The EU Parliamentarians while debating about the recent attack on a park in Lahore; which was claimed by a terror group which stated that Christians were the target.

The debate in the plenary session took place in the context of the recent attacks on the Christian community in Lahore on Easter day in 2016 that resulted in the killings of more than 70 individuals, including 30 children.

At this occasion, the members of the EU Parliament strongly criticized the miserable record of Pakistan in terms of its minorities’ protection. The Members of the EU Parliament discussed the situation regarding the Lahore attack. Moreover, several incidents of attacks on Christians and other religious minorities’ were also brought in consideration, during the debate.

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Furthermore, the members of the EU Parliament urged the Pakistan government to repeal the contentious blasphemy laws; at the same time they called for an immediate release of Christian woman Asia Bibi, who is on death row. Michaela Å ojdrova, a member of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats), asserted that the Christian woman had to bear the brunt of religion based persecution.

The members of the European Parliament further criticized the Pakistani government for its utter failure to provide satisfactory security to the religious minorities living in the country, amid a wave of frequent attacks on minorities time and again.

Dan Belder member of European Union Parliament asserted that the hate content found against religious minorities in the Pakistani schoolbooks must be removed right away. He argued that the schools are mushrooming hate against religious minorities. He said that the EU must observe aid to Pakistani education system. He criticized that the government of Pakistan has failed to provide enough security to minorities.

Charles Tannock, a British politician, psychiatrist, and Member of the European Parliament for London for the Conservative Party, categorically stated: “We have debated religious extremism in Pakistan for some time now and I do hope there is now a will in this country for some change.”