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EU Parliament votes to protect Iraqi Christians after ISIS’s retreat


European Union Parliament passes a resolution to protect and safeguard Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in Iraq after terror group ISIS is defeated and retreats. The largest political group in the EU Parliament tabled a joint motion for this resolution. The resolution bagged votes with an overwhelming majority today, Thursday, October 27.

Iraqi Christians

The resolution was passed having 488 votes in favor and 11 in opposition and around 100 withholding their votes. Charlie Weimers from Swedish Christian Democrats stated: “It was now or never for religious minorities in Iraq.” The motion harbored an emphasis on the draconian rule of the terror group of Islamic State in Mosul.

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The motion included details such as those who had fled from Mosul “report that people are starving and desperate to be liberated.” It further “strongly condemned” mass executions carried out by the ISIS militants.

The motion stated that the Nineveh Plain, Tal Afar and Sinjar regions have been “the ancestral homeland of Christians (Chaldeans/Syriacs/Assyrians), Yazidis, Sunni and Shia Arabs, Kurds, Shabak, Turkmen, Kaka’i, Sabaean-Mandeans, and others where they lived for centuries in a spirit of general pluralism, stability and communal cooperation despite periods of external violence and persecution, until the beginning of this century.”

Lars Adaktusson, the initiator of the resolution stated: “The coming liberation of Mosul is… the defining moment when it comes to the future of Iraq’s indigenous peoples. Now that Islamic State is on its way to being driven out of Mosul, it is indispensable that the EU, together with other countries, shows solidarity with minorities and, within the framework of Iraq’s federal structure, formulates an action plan on the future of Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen.

That means the creation of maximum regional autonomy in Northern Iraq for Christians – Chaldeans, Syriacs, Assyrians – Yazidis and Turkmen indigenous populations, and providing the necessary training support and security guarantees, including support for local security forces, in order for such an administration to be politically, socially and economically viable.”