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Europe On “High Alert” After Anti-Terror Raids In Belgium


Europe remains on high alert followed by anti-terror raids and arrests of suspected Islamist militants.

Europe on high alert
Europe on high alert

According to media reports, more than 20 people have been arrested in Belgium, France and Germany. Like France, Belgium has now deployed troops alongside police. The security has been tightened in several countries after as a result of last week’s attacks in Paris. These attacks on Charlie Hebdo office, a Jewish market and policewoman left 17 people dead. Nonetheless, there are speculations that young Europeans who have gone to fight with Middle East militants might return with malicious intentions.

On the other hand, in Belgium, five people were impeached on Friday of “participating in the activities of a terrorist group.” This was followed by a series of raids that began on Thursday evening and left two suspects dead. Eric Van Der Sypt, an official at the prosecutors’ office, said, “The investigation… has shown that these people had the intention to kill several policemen in the street and at police commissariats police stations.”