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Europe tightening the noose around the refuges: More than 400,000 likely to be deported


Refugees at Croatia border

Europe tightens up the noose as it gears up to deport more than 400,000 asylum seekers back to their homelands.

According to details, the European Union has chalked out a plan which has been held in surreptitious. EU would be extraditing more than 400,000 asylum seeking refugees. At the moment, Europe continues to struggle with largest refugee crisi since the World War II.

Moreover, a stringent approach will be used by the European Union to avoid the pouring in of more refugees along with dealing with thousands upon thousands of fake asylum seekers. It has been reported that, thousands of refugees who have already entered Europe and are seeking asylum under the European Union will be detained. Authorities will embark upon arresting these refugees so that they will not be able to run off while trying to avoid deportation.

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Another ploy being considered to be used by the EU will to increase the return rates so prevent more migrants from coming into Europe. “Increased return rates should act as a deterrent to irregular migration. Member states must systematically issue return decisions, take all necessary steps to enforce them and provide adequate resources, necessary for identifying and returning illegally staying third-country nationals,” a document said.

In addition to these two schemes more tactics will also be used by the European Union. Additionally, those African countries which will refuse to take back their national seeking asylum in the EU; Brussels will also threaten them to pull out aid, trade deals and visa activities from these countries.

For the sake of keeping a check and balance system of these deportations, a special unit of the EU border agency Frontex will be established, which will be supervising the deportations.

All the member countries of the European Union are required to deport all the crooked asylum seekers. Once these steps will be taken it has been expected that more than 400,000 asylum seekers who have slipped into the EU are expected to have their asylum claims for refugee status turn down, and they would certainly be deported. Majority of the refugees who will be deported back to their homelands will be from Syria, Afghanistan and Libya.