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European Christian leaders urge all to have compassion on the migrants


Refugee crisis

European Christian leaders have urged all to have compassion on the migrants.

According to details, the heads of Conference of European Churches (CEC) and the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) held a meeting in Munich on September 18 in order to examine the subject of migrant crisis which is causing great concern to the churches of Europe.

The church heads discussed the existing refugee crisis, which is being the cause of an extensive humanitarian impact. The church leaders reiterated solidarity among the churches in order to help those migrants who are attempting to reach safety in Europe.

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Bishop Hill remarked, “The plight of all those suffering in the Middle East, including the region’s embattled Christians remains at the forefront of both our prayers and our ongoing advocacy with the European Institutions.”

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich said “Those who enter Europe, must not be afraid to drown or suffocate. And they must get a fair asylum process. These are minimum standards which must apply throughout Europe.”

COMECE is presently headed by Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, who is Archbishop of Munich. COMECE is a body which includes bishops from the 27 European Union member nations. The body was founded in 1959, is the leading Protestant and Orthodox ecumenical association of Europe.