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European Churches meeting refugees with compassion and much needed tangible support


European churches

Church of England launches an emergency appeal to help raise funds for the refugees coming in the Europe.

According to media reports, like Catholic perishes across the continent the Diocese of Europe which is part of the Church of England, has initiated a disaster appeal through the Anglican mission agency Us (formerly USPG).

This appeal primarily intends to generate funds for tens and thousands of refugees fleeing life-threatening situations in Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. These funds will later be directed to the diocese’s relief operation being conducted in Greece and Hungary which have seen the largest influx of asylum seekers.

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“The need for healthcare is particularly acute. Many refugees, including the elderly and children, are arriving in need of urgent medical care, but Greece’s overstretched public resources, and a lack of medicines in the country, mean many refugees are going untreated.” Us, the mission agency said.

The Us chief executive, Janette O’Neill, said “The Diocese of Europe is meeting refugees on Europe’s frontline with both compassion and much needed tangible support. We want to play our part in helping equip them with the essentials that will signal to the refugees that their journey has turned a corner and safety and respite from war in sight.”

The churches in Europe were urged to “deepen their efforts in receiving, supporting and protecting refugees who arrive in the region.” The World Council of Churches joins with the Conference of European Churches and the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe in a joint letter stated that “In this critical moment, ecumenical cooperation in the response is especially important, in order to enhance the collective impact of our various activities, to encourage others and to give a common witness of compassion, justice and peace.”