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European Parliament affirms to take all possible steps in order to protect Christians from persecution


Martin Schulz

President of European Parliament affirms, European Parliament will go to every possible limit to secure Christians.

During the meeting of the European Parliament, which was focused on worldwide persecution of Christians. The attendees also discussed various possible ways and proposals to deal with, this pandemic.

While addressing the attendees, the President of European Parliament Martin Schulz said, “I can assure you that Parliament will make its contribution wherever it can to protect Christians.”

He continued, “Persecution is happening outside the EU but we can’t afford to ignore it. All of us, particularly in the EP, are aware that dialogue and mutual respect are needed. Fundamental rights are under great threat today and persecution of a religion it’s a breach of fundamental rights.”

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During this meeting, the vice-President of the European Parliament- Antonio Tajani, said, “Every month at least 200 churches or places of worship are attacked. Every day, in every region of our planet, we register new cases of systematic violence and persecution against Christians. No other religious community is faced with such hatred, violence and aggression as is the Christian community.” Mr. Antonio Tajani, has been shouldering the responsibility of overseeing inter-religious dialogue.

In this regard, a Pakistani Christian NGO, CLAAS, has greeted this affirmation from the European Parliament, while deeming it encouraging. Regarding persecution of Christians all over the world, the statements of EP President and vice-President are welcomed by Nasir Saeed- Director CLAAS-UK.

While commenting about the statements, he said, “It is very encouraging and somehow reassuring, especially for Christians being persecuted in the third world and in Muslim countries.

Unfortunately their persecution is rife and sadly there have not been enough endeavours to stop it. The poor, voiceless and persecuted Christians rely on the west to voice on their behalf.

Such a statement is phenomenal and it will raise their morale and somehow put them at peace, reminding them that they are not forgotten, the world is aware of their persecution and cares about them.”