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European Union, UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other countries urged to take in Pakistani Christian asylum seekers


Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers should be accommodated in EU, UK, USA and other European countries.

According to Pakistan Christian Post, Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress has urged the leadership of European Union, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada and other European countries to open doors to the persecuted Pakistani Christians.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti’s plea comes after the announcement from the UK to take in Syrian refugees, while Germany welcoming tens and thousands of refugees from Syria. He has petitioned the leaders of UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Hungry, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other EU member states to house Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers by allowing them an easy entry in their countries.

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“Thousands of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are not economic immigrants but persecuted Christians who are not rich to pay huge amounts to human traffickers to reach on shores of Europe as Syrian and other are involved in crime of human smuggling

“Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers are suffering in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and other South Eastern Asian countries and waiting form years on their cases with UNHCR without any shelter provided by UNHCR, IRC and other International NGO and education for their children,” he said.

His petition to the UK and EU, reads as follows:

His Excellency,

I highly appreciate decision of your honor to accept thousands of asylum seekers in UK and EU in wake of migrant crisis in EU from different parts of world. I wish to bring in your kind notice that hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Myanmar and other conflict areas of Africa who cannot
pay huge amount to human traffickers are left behind while privileged class IDP,s have flooded EU and sought asylum status.

There are thousands of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers registered with UNHCR offices in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and other South Eastern Asian countries after fleeing from Islamic Republic of Pakistan on persecution, oppression and genocide. They are totally neglected by UNHCR, IRC and other International NGO, s in provision of any shelter and education opportunity to their children while they are waiting for decision on their cases from years or those who have been awarded refugee status but waiting for resettlement in UK, EU, Canada, Australia and USA.

The Pakistani asylum seekers are not economic migrants but persecuted community who took refuge in South and South Eastern Asian countries for safety and security of their life after rising violence against them on pretext to blasphemy laws and other discriminatory laws in Islamic Republic of Pakistan but they are suffering from hunger and diseases like a neglected or forgotten community waiting for attention.

I shall appeal your honor that displaced Pakistani Christians and displaced Syrians who have not capacity to pay huge amounts to human traffickers to board a ship to reach EU coasts for asylum but they are registered with UNHCR may be awarded priority in seeking asylum in UK.

To accept immigrants without registration with UNHCR and approval shall create political and social crisis in future which can be only avoided to resettle Pakistani Christians and other who are deserving not economic migrants.


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti,

President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC