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Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War II: Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria pour into Serbia


Syrian refugees

Tens and thousands of refugees are making their way to Europe from the war-struck Syria, Iraq and Middle East countries.

Due to massive migration this has become Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War II. Serbia has been a hot stop for these refugees recently. Hundreds of refugees have settled in a park in central Belgrade.These refugees, though great in number, have been welcomed at this spot.

The park is serving as a place where they can eat, clean up and find shelter. However, it not a home to these war-torn refugees. Hundreds of refugees arrive in Serbia by boat on the shores of Greece. During this tough journey they had to walk their way through the no man’s land border to Macedonia and then headed north.

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Tired and wearied, they walked miles upon miles on the road for days, and their ordeal is not over yet. Despite such hardships, majority of these refugees are hopeful of settling down in Western Europe. They hope to find a safe haven here, when economic prospects and membership in the European Union assures a better chance at a safe life.

However, Serbian authorities have set up a medical tent in the park, where sick and injured refugees are being treated. Little refugees have developed coughs and fevers after travelling in the rain for passage in Macedonia. Moreover, some of these refugees have foot and leg injuries as a result of so much walking.

“We are feeling very sorry for them. We remember our own troubles,” a Serbian hotel worker said. “We know they are not bad people, they are just running from a bad situation.”

While on the other hand, a Serbian Labor Minister Aleksandar Vulin told CNN that Serbia will never “become a concentration camp for these people. These people have rights, and one of their rights is to travel freely. “He added that Serbia lately saw 7,000 people cross into his country in a single night. He said the migrants are not considered to be a threat.