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Evangelism In Pakistan:Mass Media To Be Used Predominantly in 2014


LAHORE: Church in Pakistan resorts to using mass media for evangelism in Pakistan this year.

Church of Pakistan to use mass media for evangelism
Church of Pakistan to use mass media for evangelism

This year, the Church in Pakistan reintroduces the novel idea of evangelization with mass media; in particular focusing on the theme of “protection of life.” Fr. Nadeem John Shaker- secretary of the Commission for Social Communications in the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan and Director of Radio Veritas wrote to Fides stating his resolute plan in a letter:


The Commission for Social Communications – under the headship of Msg. Joseph Arshad, new-elected bishop of Faisalabad has put together “a pastoral plan for evangelization within the context of media communication that starts from the vital function of “Radio Veritas” in Urdu, radio station present throughout the national territory. “ The Radio offers high-quality service, which is accessible, thanks to the language, to the entire population of Pakistan, and aims to involve more local Churches thus raising awareness about the mission through new technologies.

In particular in 2014 the plan will be dedicated to the theme of “protection of life”, understood in all its stages and circumstances. Local communities will be key protagonists in building and producing programs and in fulfilling the various specific communication initiatives, such as publications, television and radio interventions, etc. Each service, the document continues, “will be held to highlight the teaching of the FABC and Pope Francis’ messages”. Mgr. Joseph Arshad confirmed the full support of the Bishops in such initiatives, ensuring that the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan will continue to strengthen mission in the media, especially by promoting the valuable service of “Radio Veritas”, which is useful for the common good of the nation.


Evangelism is the announcement, proclamation, and preaching of the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-4), the good news of and about Jesus Christ. Therefore, the gospel is a communicated message—communicated in verbal (Luke 7:22; Romans 10:14-17) and/or written (Luke 1:1-4) form. The English word “evangelism” comes from the Greek word euaggelion. Most literally translated in the noun form, euaggelion means: “gospel” or “good news.” In the verb form (euaggelizesthai), the meaning of the word changes slightly to “announce” or “bring good news.” The Greek word in its various forms appears fifty-five times in the New Testament. In addition to the before-mentioned translations, the Greek word is also translated as “preach.”

Evangelism, the communication of the gospel message, includes a warning, an explanation, and a call. Evangelism includes warning people about sin and the consequences of sin (John 16:8; Acts 24:25; Revelation 20:11-15). It includes an explanation of God’s remedy for sin—the gospel (Acts 8:29-35; Romans 3:21-26; 2 Corinthians 5:21). And it includes the clear call to repent (to turn from sin and to turn toward God) and believe the gospel, by faith (Mark 1:15; Luke 13:1-5; Acts 17:29-31; Romans 1:17; Romans 10:9-13).