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Evangelism in Prison: Ps. Saeed Abedini Brings 10 to Christ in Iranian Prison



American Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini who was imprisoned in Iran for organising religious gatherings was set free earlier this year.

Pastern Abedini talking to CBN told that during his imprisonment he had continued his evangelism and brought 10 Muslims to Christ.

“Ten of the prisoners turned to Christ the first year, so the prison found out, the intelligent police found out, and they moved me to another prison where the situation was worse,” he said

“Every time they changed my prison, it was a good time to evangelize,” said the pastor.

The people who had converted also had to suffer consequences. “Every people [sic] who became Christian with me, they start torturing them, separate me from them and the last two years they make me completely isolated,” Abedini said.

Abedini’s captors continued to threaten intimidate him in the prison. “You know the first six months they always threaten me to death and they said, ‘For sure you’re going to be executed for what you did — you made 1,000 Muslim Christians’ … But every time that I prayed, [the] Holy Spirit put in my heart, ‘No, still I have some work to do for you.'”

The American pastor who was born in Iran went back to Iran to evangelize where he was imprisoned on charges on “crimes against the state”, the charge usually used by the Iranian government to detain Iranian Christian evangelists.

Earlier this year, Abedini was released and returned to his family in America through a prisoner swap program.

Like Abedini, another pastor is also suffering in Iranian prison. Pastor Benham Irani is serving his time in Iran and there have been reports of torture by the officials.