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Every “authentic” religious practice should promote peace says Pope Francis


pope francis

Pope Francis highlights the fact that all religions and Godly people are peace lovers in all circumstances.

According to details, the pontiff while addressing a group of global leaders who had gathered for the Annual Diplomatic Corps, at the Sala Reggia in the Vatican emphasized on the fact that all religions and Godly people are peace loving in all circumstances.

While addressing the gathering Pope Francis used the illustration of the legal endorsement of Catholic Church in Chad and Palestine to express “how peaceful co-existence between the followers of different religions is possible when religious freedom is recognized” and that there is “practical cooperation” in the “pursuit of the common good.” “Every authentic practice of religion cannot fail to promote peace,” he said.

“Only a distorted ideological form of religion can think that justice is done in the name of the Almighty by deliberately slaughtering defenseless persons, as in the brutal terrorist attacks which occurred in recent months in Africa, Europe and the Middle East,” the pontiff.

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Furthermore, he went on to talk about the “role of family in teaching and administering mercy.” At this occasion, he urged all the families as a unit act as “school of mercy, in which the family members could learn to see God’s loving face and to mature and develop as human beings.”

While emphasizing the importance of fraternity and solidarity in a family, he went on to claim that these values are keys; in setting up a peaceable society where individuals feel “a sense of responsibility for others.”

Furthermore, he used the ongoing refugee crisis as an illustration of how mercy and solidarity in a family can be applied to facilitate the desperate refugees who are seeking asylum in other countries. He said that Holy Scripture is full of instances where individuals fled their native lands in search of freedom and peace to other countries. “The Bible as a whole recounts the history of a humanity on the move,” the pope said, “for mobility is part of our human nature.”