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Every five minutes, a Christian dies in the Middle East


Christian genocide in the Middle East was condemned by Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem’s spokesperson. Father Gabriel Nadaf-spokesperson for the Patriarchate of Jerusalem declared: “Every five minutes, a Christian dies in the Middle East, and Muslim leaders know it.”

Christians in Israel

Father Gabriel Nadaf, was born in Lord Jesus Christ’s home town of Nazareth. Talking to Catholic News Agency he said: “What is happening in the Middle East is genocide, and it is happening today, now.Every five minutes, a Christian dies in the Middle East, and Muslim leaders know it.”

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Father Nadaf who has been advocating for Christians in Middle East, raises his voice against the persecution of Christians in the region. “I have been screaming this for years while the world remains silent,” he continued saying that the region is being “emptied of Christians, and that is where their faith was born.”

Father Nadaf has been expressing his concerns about the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. In this matter, Father Nadaf proposed that the Christian leaders must come in unanimity and sign a declaration in order to address the escalating genocide.

“What they are doing is not enough. Something needs to be done to save them,” Father Nadaf said continued without ruling out military solutions “to protect the Christians there.” He said that Israel is a safe haven for Christians where they can live peacefully. “In Israel, Christians are not killed, their churches are not burned, their female believers are not raped,” he said.

“Even though Christians in Israel are a minority, we enjoy a high quality of life. But the most important thing is that we have a democracy and freedom of worship. When voices are raised against the state of Israel, this shows that there is a healthy democracy.”