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Excelling beyond dreams: One molecule of ambition and two molecules of hard work react to form Dr. Naeem Asad


Dr Naeem Asad

Dr. Naeem Asad hails from Sialkot, Pakistan. He was born on January 28. He emanates from a family of Pakistan’s illustrious educationists. “I wanted to be successful for my family and my people. I wanted to do something good for the society and what better way to do something good than teaching the youngsters,” he pronounced.

He finds roots from the distinguished Khairaullah family. “My primary inspiration was my grandfather; Dr. Safi Ullah Khair Ullah” he remarked. Dr. Safi Ullah was a Ph.D in English from UK who was an admirable educationist, devoted churchman and a luminous writer whose most durable contribution to the Urdu-speaking Christians is his epic work in the form of an Urdu Bible Dictionary, “Qamus-al-Kitaab.”

“I was also inspired by Dr. Christy Munir and wanted to be a professor in a highly reputed university like him,” he added.

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This studious marvel received his early education from Daska and studied Matric and F.Sc here. He went on to study B.Sc. from Gujranwala, and moved to Lahore and acquired M.Sc Chemistry from Punjab University. His quest for further knowledge was not appeased yet. In pursuit of more, he racked up an M.Phil degree from UET Lahore.

“I started working at Forman Christian College in 2003, and then continued till 2008. I loved teaching at FC, it co-ops great environment, very good students and very talented professors,” he noted. “They taught me a lot, I also met the most educated people in Christians and made great new friends. I wish my wife could also have been here,” he yearns adding “But she being a medical doctor taught in a medical college.”

This distinguished academician gives a nod to strong desire to see his pupil budding and thriving. “I love to see my students successful in life. It’s great to know that the students you trained are really doing good stuff for the society.”

It was in 2008, that he stepped on it, when he was presented with a chance to study at Kansas University, USA; by the agency of the Fulbright scholarship. “I did my Ph.D in organic Chemistry and synthesized a large number of compounds.”

“Also thanks to God I was able to do very well in my Ph.D. I really have to thank my wife who has helped me a lot during my Ph.D. I would also like to thank my older brother and my twin brother and their families who also have done a lot for me,” he verbalizes his thankfulness.

“During Ph.D, my papers found place in very high impact factor journals and also participated in writing a book chapter “Comprehensive Organic Synthesis”. The most distinguished organic chemists from across the globe have written chapters in this book,” he brings to light.

Dr. Naeem entertains an adoring desire for a tolerant Pakistan, “I think better education is the most important factor that will promote tolerance among the different factions of our society. Most hate crimes take place in the mostly in areas where majority is illiterate whereas, in areas where educated and learned people reside masses are most tolerant.”

He cites deficiency of education a stumbling block in personal, communal and national progress. “Lack of education is the main hurdle which keeps one from becoming a successful and an influential element of society. Most of our people are not very well educated and thus cannot even voice their own opinion.

A number of Christians cannot even understand their own religion because they are not well educated. Our people mostly do menial jobs because they lack the education and the skill set to compete in our society. My parents forced me to study and they instilled in my mind that I will have no future if I do not get good education. I think all parents should do the same.

I think FC College is doing a great job in trying to improve the education among our people. We need more institutes like FC College to improve the plight of our Christian people and also promote harmony between Christians and other factions of our society.”

He cautions youngsters, saying, “Education is the most important asset for any society and we should try our best to get the best education,” adding “I really admire our Christian girls who work very hard to get good education and they should be really encouraged to do so. But at the same time I think our boys should also work hard rather than finding lame excuses to not get education and waste their youth.

The educated people should be good role models for the youngsters to follow. I am very optimistic that our Christian community will progress a lot in the future especially with institutes like FC College which have and will keep on playing a great role in this regard.”