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Exclusion of “biased content” against minorities from the textbooks hailed



A Pakistani Christians hails the exclusion of biased material against the religious minorities from the textbooks.

In keeping with details, a Pakistani Christian Professor Anjum James Paul who heads Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association (PMTA) has praised the omission of biased content against the religious minorities from the recent textbooks published by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore (PCTB) in 2016. He expressed his appreciation while being interviewed by the PCP.

Professor Anjum James Paul highly commended the authorities of the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore (PCTB) for not including content which contained biased ideas against the non-Muslims and hate causing content against other religions from the curriculum and textbooks in different subjects. Professor Anjum James Paul holds an opinion that this alteration in the curriculum and textbooks will renovate our social order from “extremism to tolerance.”

He went on to say that his organisation PMTA had long been calling for a curriculum which is essentially based on “values” since 2004 in order to create a more tolerant society in the country; to all intents and purposes by means of educational transformation in Pakistan. “Pakistani educational environment, curriculum and textbooks have caused serious damages to the national unity and cohesion in Pakistan.” In consequence, he added that a wave of extremism and terrorism has been endorsed which has caused segregation and disintegration in the society primarily resting on the ethnic and religious basis. “There have been biases against the Pakistani non-Muslims in the textbooks which have made non-Muslims insecure in their own homeland Pakistan.”

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He continued that PMTA teams met with the authorities of PCTB on May 20, 2015. This meeting, according to him was a milestone as the PMTA teams put forth its recommendations and pointed at the violation of Article 20, Article 22 (1) and Article 25 (1) in the then existing textbooks and notified the Chairman PCTB and Director Humanities about them. PMTA presented a document which contained data of the violations of the constitution of Pakistan along with its recommendation against every violation from the textbooks.

He said that nonetheless there is a current violation of Article 22 (1) of the Constitution of Pakistan under which, “No person attending any educational institution shall be required to receive religious instruction, or take part in any religious ceremony, or attend religious worship, if such instruction, ceremony or worship relates to a religion other than his own.”

It is a state of sorrowful affairs that still when the non-Muslim students insist on acquiring their own religious education in the educational institutions, they do not get an affirmation. He said that sadly the authorities have not endeavored to provide religious education of non-Muslim students. He asserted that it is because of this fact that the Non-Muslim students are left with no other option but to learn another religions beliefs at the educational institutes. This in turn has without doubt caused disturbance to the non-Muslims Pakistanis.

He emphasized that down to an apparent religious intolerance in the society it has now become a paramount need to take direct actions in accordance to the Constitution of Pakistan which guarantees religious education and teachers for the non-Muslim students as for the Muslim students.