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Extreme winters in Europe land refugees in trouble says Christian relief group


Refugees in Europe face great trouble as sever winters hit Europe. Refugees eying for safe haven in Europe are facing harsh conditions as reported by Christian Aid. The Christian charity and relief group also states that refugees are facing terrible situation in Greece and Bulgaria and are in desperate situation.

Refugees  in Europe

Christian Aid stated: “Earlier today it was reported that two Iraqi men have died in Bulgaria after walking through the snow for 48 hours without access to food or water. In Greece, where temperatures have reached -14⁰C, an Afghan refugee has also died.” The relief group reports that severe winters are a major concern in Serbia as well. Temperatures have fallen as low as minus 30 Celsius.

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In this regard, Marija Vranesevic, from Philanthropy, which is a partner organization of Christian Aid said: “Refugees are being exposed to life-threatening conditions because of the extremely cold weather we are currently experiencing. They are also at risk of disease, as well as a flu epidemic.”

Since tighter controls, refugees influx has reduced since it reached apex in 2015. However, still there are still hundreds from Middle East, Asia and North Africa striving to enter Europe. Those who managed to sneak into Europe are in different European countries; they are without basic facilities and services. While speaking in this regard, Christian Aid spokesperson said: “It’s wholly unacceptable that refugees are freezing to death, while European leaders turn a blind eye to the suffering of people on their doorsteps.”

European Commission states that conditions for refugees on Greek islands and in other camps where they are housed in tents despite severe cold weather are ‘untenable.” Heavy snowfall has hit large regions of Greece, including the eastern Aegean islands where thousands of refugees are stranded, with temperatures falling well below freezing.

In line with Agence France-Presse, the cold snap gripping Europe has left dozens of people dead, including refugees in Bulgaria. Iverna McGowan, director of Amnesty International’s European Institution’s Office stated: “Asylum-seekers on the Greek islands face overcrowding, freezing temperatures, lack of hot water, violence and hate-motivated attacks. While we have long called for reception conditions to improve, forcing refugees to stay on the islands only so that they can be returned to Turkey, in line with Turkey’s interpretation of the deal, is inhumane.”