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Extremists hurl death threats at Christians who held candle light vigil for Asia Bibi


Christians who held candle light vigil for Asia Bibi faced precariously landed into trouble when unidentified masked men intercepted them and threatened them of dire consequences. The victims include Advocate Sooba Bhatti, Bishop Younus Gill and two other Christians. The gunmen threatened them to stop propagating for Asia Bibi’s release.

Pakistani Christians threatened

While narrating the incident, Advocate Sooba Bhatti stated he and his companion were intercepted when they were returning from the Hari Camp, Kotri in District Jamshoro after holding prayers and candle vigil for safety and release of Asia Bibi. The gunmen threatened these Christians and warned them, not to hold rallies.

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They were further warned not to campaign for release of Asia Bibi or else they will have to face consequences. The gunmen cautioned them that if they do not cease to campaign for Asia Bibi, they and their families will be have to pay for it. Seeing other people on the road, the gunmen fled, while Advocate Sooba Bhatti and Bishop Younus Gill approached the local police station and reported the incident. Consequently, they moved an application seeking protection in the thick of looming threats and dangers to their lives.

In this regard, Advocate Sooba Bhatti stated: “A prayer and candle light vigil was held for Asia Bibi fcalling for her freedom. This event was organized by the Society for Human Awareness, Development & Empowerment (SHADE) and United Baptist Church of Pakistan (Hyderabad) on 16 October at Hari camp Kotri District Jamshoro. Christians from every walk of life participated in the vigil to honor the steadfastness of the Christian respondent who has been on death row since 2010.

Collective prayers were offered for the blasphemy convict while the participants prayed for God’s grace during her hearing. Bishop Younus Gull prayed that may the SC acquit Asia Bibi and she finds freedom after years of ordeal. After offering prayers, they sang songs for Asia Bibi as the urged for her release. Participants were hopeful that, God will show His miracles as they prayed for the judges, courts, advocates and all supporters of Asia Bibi.”

Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi has been on death row since 2010, as being convicted of committing blasphemy. In 2009, she had a row with her colleagues, which resulted in blasphemy accusation consequently 295-C was invoked against her ensuing years of ordeal.